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Tags are a powerful part of the Spire Network.  Be sure to select the ones that matter most to you!  

Tags are how Spire Network connects you with other people, connects you with great content, and helps a large community feel small.  


Spire Connect Goal: to help you have an excellent community experience and clearly see that you are not alone.

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Explore the wide variety of churches and organizations in the Spire Network.  Use the search tools to refine who and what you might be looking for in our vast community.


Spire Connect Goal: to help you connect in the broader community with other like-minded organizations.

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Spire Connect Goal: to help members stay well connected with each other no matter where they physically reside.

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Looking for a group and deeper dive into some specific topics?

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The Groups area of Spire Connect is designed to help you go deeper with like-minded people in areas of more refined focus.  You can explore our current groups or set up one on your own and invite others to join.  

Groups have tools for discussions, document sharing, privacy settings, and more.


​Spire Connect Goal: to create more private and focused areas of intentional connection.

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Looking for sessions from a Spire conference?

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The Content Library is designed to help you continue learning and growing as a leader and influencer in this movement.  Spire will be posting our content, but you are also invited to post your own.  Our team will review and approve items that are beneficial for the community (please no self promotion and advertising).  


Spire Connect Goal: to provide excellent resources to help you grow and go further, faster.

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Share some Inspiration 

Do you have a great story to share about something God is doing?

Have you witnessed some great things in others?

Would you like to share a personal story?

Here you can dive in and quickly share a personal story about your life or someone else.  This is a great place to be encouraged and share some of the amazing things God is doing in our community.  


Spire Connect Goal: to inspire each of us to greater things.